Who is DMcC !


So who am I, well my name is Denis McCaul, in my 30’s, not married and no kids so that’s why I have enough time to write this blog !

Professionally I have worked in retail, franchise, sales rep, account management, fitness trainer, book keeping and now have moved back to education to indulge a sales and marketing passion in the online world.

Personally I am interested in Fitness, non drinker ( which in Ireland raises more suspicion than a government tribunal ! Lol ), reformed smoker for past ten years ! I participate in Athletics, Horseracing, Boxing and like to cycle, ski, hurl ( The Irish Gaa game of hurling, not the projectile vomiting ! ) as well as watching various sports.

In the early 90’s I did my leaving cert and like a lot of adults looking back I realise I had no real idea what I wanted to do. At 17 and having no experience of the working world I made a largely uneducated choice about my future career from a background of only vaguely related education. I studied Manufacturing Technology and then switched to Equine Science. In truth I was not suited to either. While I did like the Equine science I had no aptitude for Biology or Chemistry. So I did like Steve Jobs rip who passed away today and dropped out of college.

The Jobs !…

After a brief, unsuccessful but nonetheless enjoyable stint as an amateur Jump Jockey I returned home to Cork working in my fathers retail business. I then worked in Black Tie, Super Valu, Masterfoods, Costcutter, then ran a Mace supermarket for a year before joining Eircom for the past decade while part time helping to expand a fitness company. So my career went from retail assistant to trainee manager to sales merchandiser, sales representative, regional manager, business owner, business developer, account manager, reseller trainer, small fitness business expansion and operations manager. To sum up in three words, service, sales and marketing.

The Calculated Gamble !…

Then I realised that after attending a series of DCU Techspectations seminars that if I was to stay ahead of the game in the professional world of Sales and Marketing I would have to leave it, in the middle of a recession ! Temporarily of course, and now I am a student again, attending the one year Graduate Certificate programme in Online Marketing at Dublin City University. When I realised that 64% of all sales start with a query on a search engine I realised I was in a fight holding a pen knife when what I really needed was a machine gun ! In the experience I gained putting together the website for the fitness business I knew this was the area of business I wanted to be in, so here I am documenting my experiences !!!

  1. Nice blog Denis! Well written and organized. I look forward to reading more. I even clicked on your tweet link to learn how to improve a blog. Mine needs all the help it can get. I just write away, and seem to have forgotten the beauty of a well-laid out page with pictures and use of white space. Maybe a graphic design course would have been better for me!


  2. Ogidiomo says:

    Great start Denis!

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