Planning, Planning, Planning, then BLOG !

Posted: October 18, 2011 in Blogging, Digital Marketing
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So this is what bands mean by that difficult second album !

Write ur Blog, or else !

Avoidance – The first blog is easy, who I am, what I am doing, what I am going to write about, this second one you will notice is late, 5 days late, but the good news is that I know why ! Its week four of my first college semester and the workload sneaks up on you like an uppercut, when you were expecting a jab ! This kind of workload can become disabling while you are getting to grips with it, it’s a mental thing. The blog entry is a bit like that, if you don’t know what you are going to write, you end up writing nothing ! If you think that you will sit down every Thursday and think up an award winning blurb, then it’s over before it began.

Realisation – Now it makes sense to me why a Blog is so important. From a business point of view Google search results ranking depend heavily on your website having fresh content. It’s very easy to put together a good site, designing it so that the maintenance will be minimal and cheap. Downside to that is fairly soon the Google spiders, as well as your potential customers will see that nothing has changed. Impression is a site that’s stale / inactive, and that’s the impression they will get of your company. The website is your shop window so things like plugs in of your Twitter and Facebook feeds to your homepage are very important. A blog on your site is a great way to incorporate fresh content. It’s helpful to get you higher on search engine result pages, gives clients valuable info. on relevant issues and builds yourself some valuable deposits in the professional credibility bank.

Reality – Talk to any business owner who started blogging, only to stop after a few entries and they will tell you the reason was lack of time. I think why so many blogs start with great intentions and soon get dumped into the single entry graveyard, is just simply they had no plan. This is coming with experience and of course experience is something you usually have when it’s too late ! If you are considering a blog for your business then here is one golden nugget before you begin, PLAN IT BEFORE YOU WRITE IT !

Don't waste time, plan it !

Location – Either have the Blog on your site or have a feed from a blogging platform. I use but whatever platform you use type it into Youtube’s search page and watch the tutorial video’s on how to. Otherwise get a pro to set it up for you so that you can add new entries simply by e-mail.

The Plan – Blogging is a campaign, not an advert. Write the plan on a spreadsheet or word document. In column A put down the weekly date for the next 52 weeks that you will post and entry. In column B write down a title for each weekly entry covering 52 for a year, consider your target audience and what they will want to hear. This exercise is just taking your profession and splitting it out into its various parts. It also takes into account seasonal topics. Once you have this down then just have a set structure to each blog. Title, intro, 2 to 3 pieces of info with examples and links and photo’s / video’s, features and benefits, summary. Six paragraphs, a hundred words or so each, job done.

The Reward – If you can plan the Blog correctly, then there will be a logical flow to the subject matter it covers each week. The better the plan, better the content, better the read, more followers, more website hits, higher Google ranking, increased profile and potential for more customers. Most businesses don’t blog regularly so if you do then you will be one valuable step ahead.

Get Followers – There is no point in having the Worlds best blog if no one is reading it ! So once you are up and running visit this link here.

Just write one line !

What’s in it for me ? – Well apart from the obvious business advantages of Blogging you will soon find that it is a form of self education ! By writing in the various subjects that your business is made up of, it will help you to spot areas that you may want to concentrate on. It will also highlight the areas you are most passionate about. These are the ones you may place more focus on and probably prove most successful at. Finally remember, when you are putting off writing that weekly ( or daily ) post, just sit down and write the first line, the rest will write itself !

  1. Barrytg says:

    Your flying now Denis, good post

  2. grammyjinlx says:

    I am sure I will be coming back for more. I particularly resonated with the idea of blogging being self-education, having started from -1. So thanks for the clarity.

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